About Derek Jones

Derek Jones is a programmer, filmmaker, musician and storyteller from the Pacific Northwest.

A Poem – You Are Welcome Here

[excerpt from the movie, A Season in the Rain, available to watch here: http://aseasonintherain.com/]

Be here
See this

Be here
Hear this

You are welcome here
You are welcome here

My friends
My friends
You are welcome here

I give you my mind
And my heart

I give you my love
My respect

Be welcome
Be welcome
Be welcome my friends

Be here
See me

Be here
Hear me

You are welcome here
Like the rain from above
So soft


Like the strength of our mothers
And all those we love

You are welcome here

You carry the prayers
Of those who came before
You are welcome here

My friends

You are welcome here
You are welcome here

A Poem – My Wish For You

Dear one,

When the wind goes by and sings its song
May its voice bring you life’s spirit.
When the moonlight’s silence fills the air
May its wisdom fill your heart.

When the sunshine dances across your face
May its laughter bring you joy.
When the raindrops fall and kiss your cheek
May its love uplift your soul.

May you have many shining moments,
With that sparkling smile of yours to share.
May you have those blessed moments,
Of gentle, trusting, loving care.

May the day give you hope
And fill you up with light.
May the stars bless your dreams
And give you gentle nights.

Dear one,
I want the best for you,
Absolutely and in everything.
I want the best for you,
You are amazing.

In the sunshine, in the rain, in darkness and in light,
From the skies, from the earth, from the seas and in this life
I wish you the world’s wonders.
I wish you your dreams.
I wish you joy, happiness,
All those precious things.

I wish you love’s warmth.
I wish you friendship’s strength.
I wish you all this as the very best I can,
I give my love and I wish you heaven.


A Poem – Me

Son. Nephew. Cousin. Brother.Rocky Mountain Columbines
Uncle. Cyborg. Programmer.

Quiet. Shy. Loving.
Brave. Adoring.

Simple. Calm. Complex.
Aspiring. Dreamer.
Leading. Following.
Skeptic. Believer.

Stranger. Neighbor. Buddy. Friend.
Difficult. Awkward. Inconsiderate.

Confident. Scared.
Uncertain. Timid.
Reasonable. Practical.

Logical. Irrational. Imaginative.
Ambitious. Competitive.
Listening. Attentive. Observant.
Distant. Solitary. Introverted.

Kind. Patient. Serious. Polite.
Subtle. Obtuse. Silly. Sly.

Loved. Happy.
Passionate. Romantic.
Sentimental. Nostalgic.

Director. Writer. Storyteller.
Composer. Pianist. Musician.
Student. Teacher. Learner.
Mixed. Hyphen-American.

Optimistic. Wishful.
Hopeful. Naive.