How do we get sustainable and good policies

View to the crown of an old growth stand near Tulalip, WA

View to the crown of an old growth stand near Tulalip, WA

People in the US like many countries have an opportunity to be involved in selecting their leaders and voting. It is not enough to just vote. At least the voter needs to get as informed as possible about the candidates and other ballot measures. And, if possible, it is best to get involved in the selection process including attending meetings and providing input to issues presented. The opportunity is there, and at the very least it is possible to help people realize that politics are a natural part of life. Get involved to make your government the best, most sustainable possible. There is no need for an unsustainable plutocracy.

Without good and sustainable competition in our free enterprise, capitalistic aspect of society many strange, unfair and unnecessary situations arise. An example is the current patent system is creating many market failures that are not being addressed properly at the expense of the greater good for mostly short-term corporate profit taking. The inventor in many cases is not realizing the economic incentives the system is supposed to create. This issue needs to be addressed now and many times over in the years to come in order for inventors to have incentives, but also to protect the general public from corporate welfare or taxation by the wealthy through corporate means.

Can the postal service connect with the armed forces PX system to sell goods to the public like other online services? There is no reason that a government agency or government agencies should be regulated out of the marketplace when in fact they can improve the competitiveness of the marketplace. In order to provide better access to the market for manufacturers and producers it is important to allow government agencies to carefully participate. It should help them to serve their current mission, and allow for a greater public benefit and lower tax dependence.

Daniel A. Jones, May 13, 2012