Can You Think Things Through?

Of course you can. But, are you willing to look your future in the eye and your loved one’s future to help you make important decisions in your life? Or, are you going to just give up and go with the flow which is wealthy and powerful people of the world paid for propaganda? It’s a false short-term sense of flow created in multi-media by spending money and allocating resources. Even the illicit creators of the flow get tricked into believing the absurd mythology.

It’s important to think things through and you can do it. It’s obvious that in the United States of America the Democratic Party is currently doing a pretty decent job of trying to restore the middle class while continuing to help the less fortunate to prosper. The Republican Party is not as it is stuck in a mode of short-term profit taking and power grabbing. Look at what they have to offer very closely and you will see it doesn’t add up to a good short-term and long-term future for you and your loved ones.

Get registered to vote. Pay attention to what the issues are. Voice your opinion. Sure, the Democrats have the most to offer, but that doesn’t make them perfect. Your participation and input is valuable in continuously improving the political environment and your government. Get involved and make sure you vote. You can think things through and make a difference in the world. Help others to do so, too.

Daniel A. Jones, June 17, 2012