Do We Believe the Wealthy Are Poor?

Cascades Flower, July, 2012

Cascades Flower, July, 2012

The economy has been really tough for over four years. It wasn’t exactly running smoothly before that with people piling up debt as their income and job opportunities diminished. The Republican led economic policies started us down a path of weakening the non-upper classes and the United States of America as a whole. Do we really want to repeat the mistakes of the pre-Obama era?

Healthcare in the United States has slowly been improving despite the horrible economy inherited by the Obama administration. We are on the brink of having a kind of healthcare system that will begin maximizing team oriented health benefits and minimizing unnecessary costs and bankruptcies paid for by the middle class. Sure some adjustments will be made to improve the new system from time to time, but that is what we always need to work at – improvement.

We don’t just want catastrophic healthcare, but we want thorough, compassionate, best practices, team oriented healthcare from conception to the end of our lives. The nurses, support staff, technicians, nutritionists, therapists, doctors and other medical practitioners of all kinds need to part of our healthcare. Yes we need to pay for it, and yes it is a tax. However, it is a tax we are already paying, and it is a tax that should go down over time as we better manage the team. It is not really a new tax, rather it is a new way to gather resources to pay for a necessary cost in a better more cost effective approach.

There are other taxes we should be ready and willing to pay including those that develop our infrastructure with robust mass transportation as a priority, education through at least a bachelor’s degree without the need to go into debt, housing for everyone and good jobs and job assurance for everyone. It will be a tough challenge to get these important things done and done well.

The Democratic Party has a strong lead on good leadership these days. Help get the Democrats elected in the local, state and national races. Don’t let mass media ads created by a relative few for their own profit persuade you to hurt yourself, your loved ones and descendents by supporting the poor wealthy. They are not poor, and they can afford to pay their fare share of taxes based on the ability to pay principal.

Daniel A. Jones, July 14, 2012