A Poem – Me

Son. Nephew. Cousin. Brother.Rocky Mountain Columbines
Uncle. Cyborg. Programmer.

Quiet. Shy. Loving.
Brave. Adoring.

Simple. Calm. Complex.
Aspiring. Dreamer.
Leading. Following.
Skeptic. Believer.

Stranger. Neighbor. Buddy. Friend.
Difficult. Awkward. Inconsiderate.

Confident. Scared.
Uncertain. Timid.
Reasonable. Practical.

Logical. Irrational. Imaginative.
Ambitious. Competitive.
Listening. Attentive. Observant.
Distant. Solitary. Introverted.

Kind. Patient. Serious. Polite.
Subtle. Obtuse. Silly. Sly.

Loved. Happy.
Passionate. Romantic.
Sentimental. Nostalgic.

Director. Writer. Storyteller.
Composer. Pianist. Musician.
Student. Teacher. Learner.
Mixed. Hyphen-American.

Optimistic. Wishful.
Hopeful. Naive.

One thought on “A Poem – Me

  1. Derek, I am interested in your cyber security background! Hacking is something I am especially concerned about…not petty hacking that Webroot can guard against, but the kind of hacking that is trying to and will eventually succeed at bringing down the whole cyber-community worldwide one of these days. I have my wind up radio on my Christmas list for this reason.

    How close do you think we are to being hobbled seriously by a sudden pulling of our plugs? Susan

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