Who Are You? Who?

by Daniel Arthur J., January 26, 2014

Aarhus, Denmark, October, 2013

Aarhus, Denmark, October, 2013

Are you your surname? Let’s just say that you are much more than that, as cool as your last name might be.

Many of us have been raised with the idea that we are to honor our last name or surname. That is generally a good idea. Often we become very surname-centric about our concept of what our ancestry might be. Our ancestry is so much more complex and interesting than where our last name leads. We were thoughtfully loved by so many more ancestors than we might have ever imagined.

Most people realize that in the generally practiced naming convention of taking on the father’s last name, their mother is most likely to have a different last name. They usually don’t know any family names much beyond that. It is interesting to note that it is only in recent times that surnames have become handed down generation by generation. People used to take on surnames of all kinds prior to that, or they didn’t really use a surname as much as a second place name or just their name.

Whatever you were brought up as, you are much more than that. And, you are likely related to many, many more different ethnic backgrounds and races of people than you had thought of. If you are a Smith, Jones, Johnson, Williams or whatever, you have many other ancestors with many different backgrounds and names. Sure, some people have within recent generations become more homogenous than others, but the further you go back in time the more likely you are to find a grouping of very diverse ancestors.

I have looked at many family trees over the last year, and I have learned much about mine and the ancestors of others. I now associate many more names with my heritage including Ford, Franklin, Allen, Street, Raymond, Bosworth, Pearson, Sheldon, Hatch, Brown, Parker, Sims, Evans, James, Johnson, Morse, Mark, Davies, Sanford, Sinco, Gibson, Weeks, Choate, Laffoon, Riley, Phillips, and Pope. This is just but a few. I know I have descended from people from just about every country in Europe and have close or fairly close cousins from all over the Earth. And, it is amazing what they have been, done and accomplished, too.

Your name is worth honor, and your heritage is much greater than you can imagine You don’t need to know it with official verifiable documentation, but I wish you luck in finding out what you can. Honor each other.

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Read, interact, think and create.

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Yes, our government needs to balance the budget. In fact, we need to pay down the debt . . . lawmakers certainly expect voters to do so. We will spend more than we should at times, but we’ve got to pay it back. I think some people should pay more based on the ability-to-pay-principle.

Travels and Back and Next

by Daniel Arthur J., November 12, 2013

I went to visit places of my ancestors
The way there wasn’t as long as to here
The journey was pleasant if not a challenge
From the Emerald City to Hans-land

The people were busy and friendly
They were living their lives near the stones
With a good deal of peace and some prosperity
There is more to do of course

Bond Street Station, London, UK, October, 2013

Bond Street Station, London, UK, October, 2013

The Jelling memorial was tended well
I’m sure my ancestors could tell
My friend in Skive was like Steve
I learned so much for to ever leave

My introduction to the culture
Was more than I could take in
How many days before I would pack
I wish much more before saying tak

There is a sense of productivity
There is a sense of order
The countryside is large
There are many farms

The cities are bustling
There are cars, buses and trains
Bicycles are used most everywhere
I didn’t see many private planes

Some people were very friendly
Many saw me as a potential pain
Though the land seems peaceful
It will take much more time to fit in

I am from there
But I don’t belong
I belong there
But its not so easy

I transited to the land of castles
There were many there to see
Museums and archive were plenty
As people visit there to see

People were a bit more friendly
Things were a bit more busy
Castles seemed to be older
I could sense more the industry

It seemed a bit easier to see
Whatever I wanted in the city
I kept to the museums and trains
My room was a refuge for a few days

I traveled on to Carmarthenshire
Over further still to Pembrokeshire
I visited known ancestral places
With a guide studious of family

My feeling of belonging was much closer
It would take less to be accepted
Somehow having known family
Makes a place seem a bit warmer

I could feel a bit more of the history
I know that things weren’t perfect
People left to find something more
Going back is like that again

Castles provided local authority
Power there was wanted
People didn’t know that it would corrupt
More democracy was then desired

This place is a bit more cranky
But my fitting is a little easier
I know the feeling a bit better
It’s a long way to be home

Home is where you be
Be home, where is that?
It is where it is
It isn’t where it isn’t

It is nice to travel
It is nice to meet people
It is another to know
I’m the kind that likes to know

Working on the know
Getting on the go
I visit away from home
Home can be where it is

Maybe I have no home
Maybe I have many
I am back again
I’ll be back again
- – - – -

Take care of yourself in all ways. I wish for you to have real success.

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