It’s good to see those that believe in action

A view from the east along the Spokane River walkway in June of 2014

A view from the east along the Spokane River walkway in June of 2014

by Daniel Arthur J., August 5, 2014

The world needs serious, enthusiastic and compassionate politicians.

It was nice to be present at a gathering of local politicians on election night. These politicians really believe in their government’s potential to positively impact the lives of their constituents. They talk about education, transportation, healthcare, working together and generally how they can help create a better society. They hope to get elected. I think they should – especially when you compare them to the alternative.

I hope other people in the community will get involved in the political process. It is an opportunity for them to use their critical thinking ability for good. They won’t always be happy with how things are going. They will disagree with others at times. They will be better off, and so will I.

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Read, interact, think and create.

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I heard some good testimony tonight about making changes. I know many people that scoff at taking care of themselves. Our free enterprise system tends to send them down that path of self-destruction. I give a shout out to those that decide to use their critical thinking ability for good – even to better their own life. Eat well in a healthy way. Exercise with at least two rigorous workouts a week. Find a qualified coach to help. You and yours will be happy that you did.


by Daniel A. Jones, March 6, 2013

Data. Statistics. How important are they? They can be helpful, but they can be misused and the user can cause harm, even unintentionally. No matter what the data or statistics say or have indicated in their limited range of accuracy, we would like a good or better off outcome.

We can only have so many variables and constants that we consider in a study. We know we would like to improve conditions to have peace in our lives. It doesn’t matter if we are considering health, employment, crime, nature or anything else – we want an outcome that improves our lives. But, we need to innovate sometimes to find these better outcomes, not just look at one variable or the same tired scenarios. How are we going to get a breakthrough in helping children to learn? How are we going to help a victim of disease to thrive?

I think we need to be more holistic in our approach to solving problems or gaining a positive outcome. I think many successful studies and implementation of results of studies have. We need to just improve conditions sometimes. We need to believe that government goods and services can be valuable, more so than many political leaders have believed in recent years. There is a place for robust, high quality government goods and services – not only to help the wealthy with airports and foreign embassies, but to help the relatively less fortunate to have better education, security, housing, transportation and parks.

And, the private sector is a very valuable part of the world economy too of course. It is imperative to continue to work at having a good, sensible regulatory environment that fosters fair competition and good labor practices. The free market isn’t free or independent, but good government will enhance markets and innovation.

A peaceful environment is what we want as rational, loving people. We need to work at enhancing what we have, and resist the temptation to become too harsh. Certainly strength is a good quality we should want our government to have, but we should also want it to foster an environment that doesn’t need it much. We are not quite there, yet. We have a good deal of work to do to create the peace for everyone.

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I’m continuing a campaign called Tubman on the Twenty. It’s an effort to get Harriet Tubman’s likeness on the twenty dollar bill to honor her courage and leadership.

About Harriet Tubman

Working Economy, Payne Field, Everett, WA, March, 2013

Working Economy, Payne Field, Everett, WA, March, 2013

Sign the Petition: Tubman on the Twenty




Affairs That Need Not Be Compromised

by Daniel A. Jones, November 11, 2012

It must be more than an adult relationship that was of a very intimate nature that brought about a change of command. Certainly the integrity of the the individual in charge must have been brought into question? A mature affair between two adults is not the question, but the behavior that was less than professional and respectful to our nation or to the work one was required to do is.

The desire humans have for companionship and intimacy needs to be fulfilled in a mature way. We need to not be too worried about the mutually desired relationship between two adults no matter their relationships with others. What matters is that this relationship does not compromise the work any of the two are engaged to do or their respect for other people in their lives. Of course, immature or coerced intimate relationships are not desirable and bring into question the integrity of ones engaged in such.

We need and deserve for our leaders and personnel to act professionally and in our best interest. We need government to improve and become something that assures us that life will improve if humanly possible. When someone makes a mistake that is disrespectful of our needs then they do need to be removed from command, possibly corrected and allowed to continue their life in a capacity of value.

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It is amazing what can be accomplished by the thoughtful, compassionate collective actions of our society. People can be restored and invigorated if we use our assets and taxes for good. If we energize and direct a small but robust part of our government to help compassionately restore people into being productive citizens with real, robust resources of clothing, food and shelter and help them feel secure, then we will have done good and will even see an increase in our GDP and tax revenues from their renewed productivity. Bankruptcy, homelessness and poverty cost everyone needlessly every day.

To have a better disaster response capacity is a must in our nation and elsewhere in the world. A simple measure that could be implemented is to award contracts to providers of emergency equipment and supplies that are not based on competitive bids and have a desired effect of increasing response capacity by increasing inventories of equipment and supplies that are needed for rapid response. The contractors will be selected from potential participants after winning a lottery, not a competitive bid. Prices will be set by the government with incentives built in to the rates to ensure rapid availability of equipment and supplies. The contractor will be periodically audited or inspected to ensure compliance with readiness standards, and will be required to meet response needs. In the case of equipment the contractors can be using the equipment for construction projects, maintenance contracts or whatever, but they will need to have provisions in their private contracts that allow for an interruption of service when required for emergency response. The same can be done for suppliers of food, water and other goods and services. We are basically paying them to have a warehouse of goods and availability of services greater than the market demands. This helps the government overcome the market failure for rapid response to disasters.

Thank you for your service veterans.