Is There Another Planet?

Salish Sea Thoughts

Salish Sea Thoughts

A lot of what goes on on our planet, Earth, is pretty absurd. Sometimes we must wonder why in the universes this is this way or that. Human beings are making decisions based on information and desires that they have, and then we all live with the results or outcomes. Democracy does not make everything okay; we get many strange outcomes in democratic systems, too. Even natural forces can become more extreme than we are prepared to handle.

I suppose I should be thankful for those situations that turn out to be good. They are precious moments that add up to creating an expectation that despite the odds or irrational opposition by others I might have another precious moment. I can’t physically transform this planet into another planet. I cannot undo all the harm that people do in the name of righteousness, justice or greed. I can only do what is right and encourage others to do so as well.

So, I will continue to do so. I encourage you to do good things. I encourage you to vote, but to also get involved in the political process and be careful what you support. I really don’t think the State of Washington voters were doing that when they changed the liquor distribution laws to make it easier to sell and buy liquor. We will all suffer the consequences of that vote. I encourage you to not be an armchair voter, but a critical thinking active voter. I’d like to see a political cartoon of that one.

It takes a good deal of energy to be creative in a productive way. We have real dangers in the world we have to be aware of and to find a way to defend against. We shouldn’t use our destructive powers unless they are warranted. Fareed is right about that. A nation’s leaders should be willing to be open and forthcoming about dangerous intentions. If they are not willing to be and play with our security, then we should be proactive. The best defense is a good offense, but in a non-gaming but real life world we do want to be sure.
And, we all need to be willing to change for the better. Yes, us. Not just the other ones. Everyone. When we make laws to protect a product or industry and then we find we have over done it, we need to go back to the drawing board. Regulations need to be fair, and we should expect to need to work hard at making them so.

I encourage you to work hard and do you best with determination, as the billboard says, to make life better for you and everyone. Help everyone be better able to participate. Why do we fight against good healthcare for everyone? Do Americans really think that easier access to liquor is what will make life better? I hope not. Where is the critical thinking?

I hope you really help create better moments for everyone. I think we can. We might need to economize on some things, and create more of other things like pollution clean-up. We can invest in clean air, clean water, clean soil and just a healthier planet. We don’t have another one right now, and even then we can and should make this place the best it can be. It takes cooperation and to change our focus. Good behavior includes doing what it takes for everyone to be as healthy as possible. What good is an electronic gadget if you can’t have a good diet, a warm and friendly home or access to robust healthcare? Can you be healthy without a planet full of wonderful cultures and creatures?

Daniel A. Jones, November 13, 2011

Where Is Our Freedom?

Help Everyman with Freedom

Help Everyman with Freedom

Why do people want to limit freedom? Okay, there are some things that shouldn’t be tolerated. Moses and others found that to be true, and so we must all look into the possibilities of behavior and decide what we should be free to do and what should be reasonably limited. A better question might be: Why do people want to limit freedom unreasonably?

Why do people want to abuse freedom? This question again harkens back to Moses and others finding some behaviors unreasonable, but others are just not mentioned. People will often abuse their freedom to harm others and/or themselves. Why would they choose to do so? Is it too difficult to behave reasonably? I don’t think it normally is, but then we don’t always feel normal. We will quite often choose to eat the third or fourth doughnut or drink the third drink or do something in excess or abusive.

We do need each other to be more reasonable. We need to listen, look in the mirror and ask how we are treating others in all things we do. Then, I dare say we might not be so quick to try to restrict someone’s freedom unreasonably, and we might be less inclined to abuse our own freedom.

So, what am I trying to do with my freedom, and hoping others won’t unreasonably restrict it? Here’s what I am working on today:

I am trying to start a real estate investment fund that invests real estate using sustainable green management including preference selling to local sustainable green farmers;
I am trying to start a Welsh Internet media website to promote excellent production of Welsh-based programming;
I would like to find a clay art mentor;
I am working on a new production this weekend – shooting today of a film short trying to encourage people to get out and vote and participate in the democratic processes they have available to them;
I am writing for sure.

Let me know what you are doing or if you would like to help me.

Daniel A. Jones, November 6, 2011