Maybe You Will Listen

Trying to influence people in this world is not easy. You can know the answers to many things and be right in many instances and most people will not listen. They won’t even bother to ask your opinion or for your analysis. It can be very frustrating and even exasperating. What can you do?

It seems you should marshal on. Try to keep an open mind, learn and continue to apply reason to all situations. Sure other people will be better off listening to you. Sure they will be more successful listening to you. Sure you will be better off if they listen to you. However, you just can’t make them do it.

You should continue to live a good life. You should continue to work as hard as you are able and allowed. You should continue to try to help. They will be no better than you even as they walk into the abyss, but you should continue to do your best to influence them to live a better life. Don’t give up.

Daniel A. Jones, July 1, 2012

Happiness is more than a feeling

Salish Sea gull

Salish Sea gull near Seattle and Tulalip

Everyone should be mindful of helping others to pursue happiness. What is happiness? What is it to you? What is it to others? What is it to me? Pursuing happiness can mean many things to one person, so people should be able to understand that it can be very complex to understand what the pursuit of happiness can mean to many people, a nation or everyone on Earth.

Some people might try to define happiness as a feeling, but even if a feeling is involved they would have other factors involved in their happiness besides a single type of feeling. They would at least be able to describe an absence of other feelings or circumstances in order for this single feeling to help them reach a state of happiness. Usually, happiness includes a mission or missions in life, and those usually are about accomplishing something significant. People like to contribute to the world. It makes them happy.

The more knowledge you have the more complex your happiness is likely to be. As you become self-aware as a child your happiness is more complex, and then as you develop awareness of the needs and desires of others it becomes yet even more complex. When you have your breath knocked from you fromby a blow or illness or near death, you are extremely happy to have that next breath – that alone can make you happy for that moment. But, as time goes by you will want and desire more than your next breath for more happiness.

Happiness depends on many things as we move through life and become wiser. Many different things and events or understandings can bring us a sense of happiness. But, we will want to pursue more happiness, I don’t think we can get enough happiness. I hope everyone develops healthy needs and desires. People are going to pursue happiness. May it not be at the net unwanted or undesired expense of others. We can give and take to find a temporary equilibrium of happiness; let’s make the happiness of others to be a strong variable in our own happiness.

Daniel A. Jones, April 8, 2012

What Does It Matter?

Lake 22 Trail, near Tulalip, WA

Lake 22 Trail, near Tulalip, WA

It can seem like you are fighting against all odds to make things better. It can seem like everyone is against you or that everyone else is getting the break or the job. Why should you keep trying? Why not give up and go with the flow? You have a lot to offer. You have a lot to contribute. You are going to succeed, and you will be happier pursuing your goals and dreams than not.

It may take awhile to get to where you are feeling happy and can see some light at the end of the tunnel. You may need to reformulate your goals and objectives as you hit some barriers or take some lumps. You shouldn’t compromise your value of making life better for everyone, but you do learn every day, so why not make changes or corrections in your course as you feel is prudent?

One of the big struggles you must have is to live a healthy life. You are constantly being challenged with options, good and mostly bad, on what to eat and drink. You are having little to no time to take care of your body or vessel. You must find a way to get the proper exercise to go along with the proper nutrition in order for you to be healthy. You can maximize your happiness as you are more and more healthy and as you help others to become more and more healthy including your loved ones.

It is important for you to get the healthcare that you need as well. Sometimes you need a little or lot of extra help to approach your optimal health. If you want your loved ones to have that same opportunity or better, then you need to advocate for affordable healthcare for everyone. How can you help achieve that worthy goal or outcome?

You can start lobbying for affordable healthcare for everyone. You can ask you government leaders or become a better government leader and ask your peers to implement a taxation system that creates and maintains a robust healthcare system for everyone. Taxation? Yes, taxation with good outcomes or products and services directly associated with the taxes. Payroll taxes that are reasonable and based on a subscribers ability to pay that ensures good regulated, privatized health insurance with reasonable low deductibles.

How do you help to keep the cost of healthcare a reasonable portion of your expenses? You take care of yourself the best you can by having proper nutrition and exercise. You try to live and advocate for healthy lifestyles. You ask you government and/or government colleagues to tax activities that cause health risks or direct problems. What kinds of activities, products or services need to have a healthcare tax applied to help offset the real healthcare costs they cause?

There are many, many of these activities, neglect, products and services that should be taxed. The taxes should not be a sales tax, but they should be a tax based on gross revenue associated with the activity, neglect, product or service in question. A few of these are automobiles (based on accident data for healthcare and emergency costs based on deaths and injuries for accidents and also for illnesses associated with pollution), tobacco products, food and beverages (based on data associated with healthcare costs including products sold that contribute to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses), drugs (legal and illegal or legalized based on their contribution to healthcare costs including addiction treatment – another reason illegal drugs need to be legalized and taxed but not made nearly free from regulation or criminalized activities), poor drinking water or sanitation (those jurisdictions neglecting to have good drinking water and sanitation should be taxed or forfeit taxes until such problems are remedied), restaurants (again based on contributing to healthcare costs from dietary concerns), and on and on. You need to hold businesses, governments, non-profits, marketers and others accountable for the goods and services they produce that create healthcare costs, and for those that don’t or those that change their products and services for the better you can reduce or eliminate their taxes as there are not associated costs. Every industry and activity (or neglect) needs to be evaluated and made to contribute including mass media (television, movies, computer games and more), the sex trade (again decriminalize, regulate and tax), the oil industry, the gambling industry, alcoholic beverages, firearms, chemical, defense and many others. This is the most sure way you can have universal healthcare with reasonable costs. It might seem like a daunting task to take on, but you can make it happen. Go ahead, it matters.

Daniel A. Jones, January 8, 2012