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Oakley Dean Baldwin
Pluralverse Writer Profile

Writer’s Name:
Oakley Dean Baldwin

Oakley Dean Baldwin

Current Residence:
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Latest publications, both e-books:
Devil’s Ground
Killing “Moonshine” Mullins

Both available now to purchase at: http://thebaldwinstories.wix.com/author-blog

book cover

Mystery, historical fiction and non-fiction

What will your readers find most fascinating about your stories?
Readers will experience how real these stories are, tragic and strange events that actually happened.

Is there an author or anyone else that inspires you to write?
I think that would be Steven King.

Is there something from your ancestry that you would like to share with the readers (e.g., famous, interesting stories or connections to historical events, favorite anecdotes )?
Yes, most of my writings are about family stories, Devil’s Ground is a personal experience, Killing “Moonshine” Mullins, is a family story.

My next e-book Pocahontas to Major Benjamin Bolling is a family story.MoonshineMullinscover

Is there anything else about you that you would like to share with the readers?
I am currently only releasing e-books to keep the cost down for my readers, but I hope to start paperback books later this coming summer. I would ask your readers to pass the word about my website and e-books to all of their friends and family on Facebook, their email list, and also word of mouth, etc.

Do you have any new projects in the works that you would like to tell the readers about?
Yes, I have two family stories that I am researching that involve 5th great grand mother’s that were heroines of the Revolutionary War. We always hear about the men, General George Washington, General Morgan, General Green, etc, I want to highlight some of the sacrifice that our women gave during the war.

More mystery, intriguing reading is in the works.

My books would make great films. My stories are unique, something that you have never heard before. Be sure to check them out.

I believe that Oakley Dean Baldwin is writing in a genre that is growing rapidly in popularity: historical non-fiction and fiction. In the two books included in this profile he adds the genre of mystery to the mix. Anyone interested in family history and/or pondering the idea of writing about their ancestors, especially at least a few generations back, should check out his books as a trailblazing approach to sharing interesting family stories.

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Submitted by Daniel Arthur J., January 24, 2016