Get out and get a bit healthier

Shell on a Coast Salish beach

Shell on a Coast Salish beach

No matter how you feel or what your state of health might be, it is good to maintain or increase your healthy activities and improve your nutritional intake. Enhancing your physical health will increase your relative happiness, which in turn helps you to have greater empathy for others. People that are improving their health are more likely to lift up the world or want to make things better for everyone and future generations.

Buddy up and share your journey. Having others to help you stay on track will help you to succeed. Your mental health will improve with your physical health, but your mental health will also improve when you develop positive relationships with other caring people. Lift up the world as you are uplifted. Treat people well – really well.

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What qualities are we looking for in a leader?

It doesn’t matter whether people are looking for a leader of a team, company, city, district or nation, the qualities of a leader are important to get right. It is even more important that the leader will work hard to help all constituents to have a better life, and not make empty promises that primarily help people that have it made.

There is nothing wrong with raising income taxes on more well-to-do constituents, if they already have a high level of wealth. In other words, people that have tens of millions of dollars of real property should be taxed at the highest rate. Earned income actually should be taxed at a lower rate than dividend or capital gains income. However, we all want to contribute to government goods and services that are valuable at a reasonable rate for our level of income. Those that have more should expect to pay more, but not excessively so.

Government fees for permits and such should also be adjusted downward for those with relatively less accumulated wealth and income. Many jurisdictions have been overcharging constituents and essentially denying them government goods and services unnecessarily. The ability to pay principal should be on the mind of good leaders at all times. Then, there is the case of some people really paying excessive income taxes. A good leader should have experts truly evaluating what their constituent’s tax burden might be, and make sure to adjust things to be more fair.

Daniel A. Jones, April 22, 2012

Leading Qualities

What makes a good leader? As opposed to a not so good leader a good leader has qualities that you might not recognize. Shouldn’t a good leader always be able to recognized? Why? Too many of us are just living in a short-term, frantic world with no long view. A good leader will be patient and take the long view most of the time. It may be necessary to work well in the short-term for emergencies, immediate care and many other circumstances; however, that doesn’t mean you need to be recognized as a good leader in those instances – only that you perform well in those instances. A good leader is more than willing to be recognized in the long-term.

A Group of Majestic Cedars on Lake 22 Trail Near Tulalip, WA

A Group of Majestic Cedars on Lake 22 Trail Near Tulalip, WA

A good leader does her best to take care of herself. This includes the basics including eating well, exercising, learning, sleeping, relaxing, being healthy and working. You must work hard to be at your best. It is a selfish activity to take care of yourself; however, it benefits everyone else much more if you are holistically healthy than if you are not.

She can’t do everything for everyone all the time. A leader must make choices and do her best to follow through in a timely and as complete manner as possible. If she has children or other dependents, then due to her disorganization or circumstances beyond her control she may need to sacrifice what makes her her best to take care of those dependents. Ideally she would set up an excellent support system that allows her to keep her focus, but it takes hard work and good fortune to get things going our way.

Leaders do all kinds of things whether successful or not. A good leader has a long-term view that has sustainable outcomes. A good leader is holistic in consideration of options or approaches to problem solving. A good leader may need to make difficult short-term decisions, but is compassionate in the end. I really can’t tell you everything about how to be a good leader for you, but I can encourage you to recognize that you are a leader, a leader that can work hard and use her ingenuity to be a good leader in the end.

Daniel A. Jones, October 2, 2011