Finding Confidence in the Right Things

Mount Baker in the North Cascades, August, 2012

Mount Baker in the North Cascades, August, 2012

There is always something that will at least temporarily disrupt your confidence. No one should feel ashamed about where they find themselves at any given point in time. Life is what it is and one is where they are at the moment. The right thing to contemplate or focus on is where to go. Where is the right place to be headed?

No matter if you find yourself on top of the world, on the bottom or in between, it is important to have a vision of where you want to be with a plan or map of a journey to get there. If you want something, and what you want should be healthy for yourself and others including in the long term, then you need to go for it. Find a way and enjoy your journey helping others as you go.

Make sure that you really think your goal or goals through thoroughly with the help of others to be more certain that have your and the world’s best interests at heart. Grounding yourself in a holistically well thought out plan will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize your enjoyment of the journey. It needn’t be an arduous process that prevents or distracts you from making progress and feeling confident. Rather, it should help you build in confidence as you know you are doing something right for yourself and the world.

Daniel A. Jones, August 12, 2012

Maybe You Will Listen

Trying to influence people in this world is not easy. You can know the answers to many things and be right in many instances and most people will not listen. They won’t even bother to ask your opinion or for your analysis. It can be very frustrating and even exasperating. What can you do?

It seems you should marshal on. Try to keep an open mind, learn and continue to apply reason to all situations. Sure other people will be better off listening to you. Sure they will be more successful listening to you. Sure you will be better off if they listen to you. However, you just can’t make them do it.

You should continue to live a good life. You should continue to work as hard as you are able and allowed. You should continue to try to help. They will be no better than you even as they walk into the abyss, but you should continue to do your best to influence them to live a better life. Don’t give up.

Daniel A. Jones, July 1, 2012