Social Revolution

by Daniel A. Jones, August 18, 2013

Summer Hike at Grizzly Creek in Colorado, August, 2013

Summer Hike at Grizzly Creek in Colorado, August, 2013

The world is going through significant change, and it is important for all of us to adapt and help our social institutions to adapt as well. This includes government, at all levels including local, specialized, states and federal, corporations, non-profits, clubs, religions and more. The relationship that people have with property and other capital and productivity is rapidly changing. Automation and artificial intelligence is actually taking over historically human roles. Cultural activities including religion are becoming more important.

People need to have access to ownership as well as jobs. Equal status opportunity is becoming even more important. As we transition to a more capital intensive society, citizens will need better safety nets for housing, health care, transportation, education and other essentials than we have known in the past. Freedom is becoming a more complex issue, but even more important to assure to everyone than ever.

It is more important now more than ever to reduce behavioral problems from corruption, financial attacks and other abusive acts. People with the means to look forward will be able to weather personal storms much more readily. Problems can be solved more gently, carefully. Corrections can become much more humane.

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I have been observing and participating in democratic processes in the United States of America. The leaders appear to be working hard, and they are sincere in their attempts to improve government and our society. As we go through these revolutionary times, whether slowly or more quickly, it is good to know that we have at least some empathetic participants to counter the sloths of current wealth.

May we all become wealthy in a holistic way.

Maybe You Will Listen

Trying to influence people in this world is not easy. You can know the answers to many things and be right in many instances and most people will not listen. They won’t even bother to ask your opinion or for your analysis. It can be very frustrating and even exasperating. What can you do?

It seems you should marshal on. Try to keep an open mind, learn and continue to apply reason to all situations. Sure other people will be better off listening to you. Sure they will be more successful listening to you. Sure you will be better off if they listen to you. However, you just can’t make them do it.

You should continue to live a good life. You should continue to work as hard as you are able and allowed. You should continue to try to help. They will be no better than you even as they walk into the abyss, but you should continue to do your best to influence them to live a better life. Don’t give up.

Daniel A. Jones, July 1, 2012

How do we get sustainable and good policies

View to the crown of an old growth stand near Tulalip, WA

View to the crown of an old growth stand near Tulalip, WA

People in the US like many countries have an opportunity to be involved in selecting their leaders and voting. It is not enough to just vote. At least the voter needs to get as informed as possible about the candidates and other ballot measures. And, if possible, it is best to get involved in the selection process including attending meetings and providing input to issues presented. The opportunity is there, and at the very least it is possible to help people realize that politics are a natural part of life. Get involved to make your government the best, most sustainable possible. There is no need for an unsustainable plutocracy.

Without good and sustainable competition in our free enterprise, capitalistic aspect of society many strange, unfair and unnecessary situations arise. An example is the current patent system is creating many market failures that are not being addressed properly at the expense of the greater good for mostly short-term corporate profit taking. The inventor in many cases is not realizing the economic incentives the system is supposed to create. This issue needs to be addressed now and many times over in the years to come in order for inventors to have incentives, but also to protect the general public from corporate welfare or taxation by the wealthy through corporate means.

Can the postal service connect with the armed forces PX system to sell goods to the public like other online services? There is no reason that a government agency or government agencies should be regulated out of the marketplace when in fact they can improve the competitiveness of the marketplace. In order to provide better access to the market for manufacturers and producers it is important to allow government agencies to carefully participate. It should help them to serve their current mission, and allow for a greater public benefit and lower tax dependence.

Daniel A. Jones, May 13, 2012