Dare to be uplifting


by Daniel Arthur J., September 26, 2014


People need to feel wanted, respected, and hopeful.

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Dessert, April, 2014 by D.A. Jones

Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Dessert, April, 2014 by D.A. Jones

In this new age of easy contact it is too easy to not really make contact. A person can manage many relationships with others, and feel pretty fulfilled. I don’t think it’s that way for a lot of others – including their contacts. These contacts feel rejected very easily, get lost, lose hope, and often wander into poor ideology. Perhaps that is what is fueling so much violence on the planet.

I can imagine that a relatively immature young person with a feeling of loss could easily find organized, armed struggle as an outlet for their loss of hope. They can have a religious zealot pushing them, get together with real people, and get directed and motivated toward violent ends. They are like zombies really. They have a purpose that’s not really theirs. They would rather have hope, work or study, have a place to call home, and have a close relationship with someone they care for.

Somehow I believe our current technological advancement is creating this huge sense of loss and being lost. Too much promise or hopes that are dashed without a second thought. There is no recourse. People give up until the bad elements find them, and soon enough they are directing their very real anger at the rest of us.

How do we turn this situation around? Society is becoming more cold and heartless in this regard with social networking. I don’t think it is on purpose or even that we are conscious of this cold and heartless behavior. We think of the positive contact and not the easy, cold shut off. Your emotions and feelings are activated, and “Bam!” they are shut down by someone – not gently like with true human contact. They are not able to see that you care.

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Read, interact, think and create.

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Make sure you take care of the essentials even as you help others -

Get enough sleep

Eat right

Exercise plenty

Keep in touch with loved ones

Be ready to vote

Vote for people that want to make the world better especially for the disadvantaged, and not for people that want to make things harder for all but the wealthy

Contribute to help with unfortunate disasters like the Ebola outbreak

Prevent problems – voting correctly helps with this

Be caring, mindful of others


Lethal Environment

Later Day Ben Franklin Home in Colorado

Later Day Ben Franklin Home in Colorado

by Daniel A. Jones, April 14, 2013

Guns are lethal and destructive, which is why they are favored for self-defense and hunting. They are also favored by criminals and other disturbed users. In the United States of America citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. I really don’t have a problem with having universal background checks or screenings to make sure a citizen is buying a gun, and that they are a citizen in good standing. Preventing dangerous felons from legally acquiring firearms or other weapons makes sense. Preventing someone that is an imminent danger to themselves and others from legally acquiring firearms or other weapons makes sense as well. And, it makes sense that these screenings should apply to any and all sales of firearms or other weapons.

How do we have appropriate screenings, and not infringe upon the rights of solid citizens? We must be careful, but we must act. And, we need to realize that the rules need to be revisited at least annually for a few years. Popular waves of change don’t get us the best results even if they get us some results. It is good to be mindful of important issues and create better rules and all, but sometimes we just go too far. We need to be careful to create a better world, and not a worse one.

Children emulate their parents and significant others in their lives. It is crucial that parents be aware of this. Any attitude that you espouse and/or express is likely to be copied by your children. If you show a liking for cigarettes, they are likely to smoke. If you show a liking for liquor, they are likely to drink. Not only as adults, but as children as well. If you hate, they will likely hate. If you are overly fearful, despondent and believe the world will end, they will likely believe that. So, do things that you do, but be very careful about the message you are sending out. Love the arts and sciences. Love to eat well. Love to learn and work hard. Love to do things that make life better.

The Political Economy of Excessive Power and Violence

Upheaval Dome, Colorado Plateau, Summer of 2011

Upheaval Dome, Colorado Plateau, Summer of 2011

There are parades and then there are parades. Whenever we see a despot nation or centralized nation parading their military about we are witnessing a disaster in the making. This is a sign that we let some nation centralize power and institutionalize violence. We is the international community or United Nations. Why in the world does someone want that kind of power and control? They do though, and they keep creating the next god-king. God-kings or queens lead to corruption and institutionalized terrorism. I believe the same about the industrial capitalist god-kings. These god-kings are not much different except the excessive power and violence is less direct in most cases, but very real.

We have been witnessing the high price of eliminating god-kings from their position of power. Aspiring god-kings, semi-established god-kings and well established god-queens are taking note and evolving their thrones of power. Not one is needed, just as I am not needed. We are not needed, but we are. We are not needed to wield excessive power and violence, but we are needed to be willing and free participants in the guided efforts to improve our lot. We all have wonderful skills, talents and knowledge to share in creating or evolving a more sustainable, green and compassionate society.

All nations on this Earth have in recent times wielded excessive power and violence in a way that created more chaos than good. Those countries that have wielded this type of power internally like Iran, North Korea and many others, large and small, have been creating the least sustainable, green and compassionate nations. The US and others can certainly improve a great deal. The US especially needs to deal with this problem of excessive power and violence in its industrial capitalist elitists. The undeserving god-kings and queens have also been throwing things out of balance, which has contributed greatly to our recent economic disaster. They continue to harm us and parade their weapons.

The protesters are in the right. However, we need to take these protests to the eligible voters and consumers in the US in order to make a difference. The patent system was not developed in order to create god-kings and queens. It was supposed to help create economic incentive to invent and innovate. The people that do the actual inventing and innovating are not being rewarded in many cases. A fairly new class of opportunist has been hijacking this system for ungodly excess. They don’t do anything but control patents and leverage taxes out of us all. These hijackers are intelligent and bold, but they are driven to rake you for all they can. You see, they have been using excessive power and violence to extract blood, sweat and tears from us all. I recommend that you vote for reason.

It is time to make reasonableness a central issue in politics. As human beings we have the right and need for sustainable, green and compassionate government and industry. We need incentives to help people to exceed the norm, but we need reasonable incentives. And, we don’t need incentives set at excessive levels in order to create false god-queens and kings to choke the inventiveness and innovation out of others. What would have happened if we gave an exclusive patent for the hammer or the action of hammering? How about toilets? How about for the idea of having clean water? How about paved roads? How about the idea for lines on roads? How about the idea for adding two numbers together?

I encourage everyone to dream big and try to make a difference. If you have the desire to be worshiped, I hope you can let go of the idea of becoming a false god. We don’t need any. However, we need your true god-like effort to contribute to everyone’s pursuit of happiness including your own.

Daniel A. Jones, October 23, 2011