It’s good to see those that believe in action

A view from the east along the Spokane River walkway in June of 2014

A view from the east along the Spokane River walkway in June of 2014

by Daniel Arthur J., August 5, 2014

The world needs serious, enthusiastic and compassionate politicians.

It was nice to be present at a gathering of local politicians on election night. These politicians really believe in their government’s potential to positively impact the lives of their constituents. They talk about education, transportation, healthcare, working together and generally how they can help create a better society. They hope to get elected. I think they should – especially when you compare them to the alternative.

I hope other people in the community will get involved in the political process. It is an opportunity for them to use their critical thinking ability for good. They won’t always be happy with how things are going. They will disagree with others at times. They will be better off, and so will I.

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Read, interact, think and create.

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I heard some good testimony tonight about making changes. I know many people that scoff at taking care of themselves. Our free enterprise system tends to send them down that path of self-destruction. I give a shout out to those that decide to use their critical thinking ability for good – even to better their own life. Eat well in a healthy way. Exercise with at least two rigorous workouts a week. Find a qualified coach to help. You and yours will be happy that you did.

Needless Adversity

Everett Hocky Scrimmage, September, 2013 by Brit

Everett Hocky Scrimmage, September, 2013 by Brit

by Daniel A. Jones, September 22, 2013

How do you deal with needless adversity? It happens all too often in this world. People target individuals to oppose and denigrate for no good reason. They get singled out due to old survival, troop instincts, not modern civilized advanced adaptations for a more complex world. We are better off with the collective knowledge and skills of our fellow people, and we should help everyone to maximize these with education and kindness. Government plays a valuable role in helping people move between jobs or productivity opportunities including providing robust, state-of-the-art education.

We boast a great deal in this nation about democracy and fairness and protecting, but we don’t back up our boasts with the right actions. A good democracy makes sure that people that are eligible to vote are able to vote – genuinely getting the opportunity. A good democracy makes sure that everyone is welcome to participate in party politics and to make themselves candidates for office. There shouldn’t be pre-judgment about who should participate. No one is more worthy than anyone else. Certainly a positive track record should help you to succeed, but I say it is what have you done for us lately that matters a great deal.

We all know that power tends to corrupt, especially when there is a sense of entitlement. The people that feel more worthy than others are usually not. The least can be the greatest among us. And, our corporate and other private activities in this nation tend to be worse than our public or collective actions. People aren’t concerned enough about fair play and making things better in many organizations. Most tend to chase short-term goals of maximizing profits often at tremendous public cost. They need to strive to innovate to make things better and make changes that make their own and the lives of others to be better. Working together to make systems and individuals better will lead to more real freedom and prosperity.

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I am looking for good, wholesome food ideas including where to eat out, the best groceries and recipes. I am partial to whole grain, natural, organic and sustainable green foods. I am planning on setting up the information geographically, and all countries are on the table, eh. Please share what you know.

Take care of yourself in all ways. I wish for you to have real success.

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Share in the glory

How does someone become involved in the improvement of everything? She can communicate what she knows, listen, watch, read, learn, take action and continue to communicate even as she improves her ideas for advancement. She can be very thoughtful and do her best to be sure her suggestions won’t do any harm. She can be sure to share the glory when improvements are recognized as she didn’t really do it herself. Many people are likely to have helped.

Seattle Badminton Club - Some of My Coach's Credentials

Seattle Badminton Club - Some of my coach's credentials

It is common in this day in age for people to take too much credit and too little blame for what occurs. It would be better for everyone to be as much involved as possible. Not only get involved in voting and campaigning, but get involved in creating the messages that create platforms and make changes for the better. The American people have been too indifferent and missing an important opportunity to make life better for now and the future.

It will not be easy to participate, and it will not be perfect participation. It will be amazing to the new participants how many people want a better life for America and the world. How many people want to go without healthcare or become bankrupt because of inadequate healthcare like exists now? How many want the violence and poverty the results from the war on drugs? Why not turn that around to regulate drugs and substantially eliminate the black market with its ever present corruption and violence? Why not be involved in forging the future of governance and free enterprise for next generations? Why not make life more stable, but full of wonderful challenges and opportunities for everyone?

Please get involved. It will help somehow.

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How can a supplier know if its goods or services are facing elastic (more competitive) or inelastic (less competitive) demand from consumers? It is something a supplier can find out fairly easily, if it is not know already. If prices are raised, will customers flow away at a greater rate causing a loss of total revenue or will only some customers stop purchasing leaving total revenue to rise? Sometimes this is worth testing, and sometimes it is better to make an educated guess.

How can a supplier attempt to influence the demand curve that it is facing? There are many ways. A common ethical practice is to improve marketing information to help customers understand that this is a better product than is otherwise known. It is necessary to inform customers that the products supplied are superior in warranty, composition, sustainability, greenness or whatever superior features are true. Is the product or service unique? Then, let the consumer know it.

I will do some research about creating a market for art, publications and other media this coming week, and I will begin trying to help artists, writers, and other content and media creators become more successful.

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Daniel A. Jones, February 19, 2012