Be all in

by Daniel Arthur J., August 17, 2014

You are more valuable than you know; adapt and do your best.

Tortoise Castle in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, NV by DA Jones, April 2014

Tortoise Castle in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, NV by DA Jones, April 2014

There are seemingly endless opponents in life. There is rivalry and there is spite. People make themselves enemies for the most trivial of reasons. They criticize and get jealous instead of applauding. It can seem that way – really.

Well, the fact is you are making an impact, and a positive one if you like. Just keep going. Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid. Fear is the mind killer someone wrote. At least get past your fears. You are good. You are great. Your good work will be recognized as such in ways that you might not imagine.

It does take work – work in the sense that you must do something. Take the risk. Work. Sure you need to work at basic needs things, but work at what you love, too. Find the time without hurting yourself or anyone. Ask people kindly for some space when you need it. Work towards getting to work more at what you love. Do it all kindly.

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Some good advice I heard: read or do, pause, reflect, and connect.

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It’s not wrong to be cautious or untrusting. In fact, it is best to be that way. Only let people in carefully. Make them earn your trust. It takes time and effort, but have them verify that they are destined to be in your life. They should only be in your life if they want to make it better – enhancing you. Bullying, using and controlling behaviors are not going to make your life better. Those behaviors consume others. Don’t be consumed. Live your life. There is time enough for love. Don’t force it.

Help those that are less fortunate.

Hard Work Ahead

Cascades Nursery, September, 2011

Cascades Nursery, September, 2011

It is going to be a lot of hard work. There is no way around it. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it, and it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lead a complete and balanced life. Sure, there may be moments, times and stretches where we need to let everything else go so that we can go all out to get something done. We should prepare everyday for that. We need to build support systems to help us through those more difficult or life dropping periods.

What do we work hard at? Making the Earth and our sphere of influence to be the best most robustly interesting place in the universes for everyone that is here or will be here in the future. It’s what we do every day. There are as many ways to work hard at this effort as there are stars in the sky. It takes this diverse effort to move toward the common goal of betterment.

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I have noticed that many people need help to be healthy and in a place in their lives where they can thrive and be contributing to our cause. Please take the time to help anyone you know that could use a hand or encouragement to move forward in their lives. Occasionally you may need to help someone understand how they are actually being unnecessarily destructive. Some people need to turn their lives around.

I plan on writing more focused pieces for the most part from now on, but I will occasionally wax philosophical. I look forward to helping people find their wind. I constantly ask myself and others how can we improve our lot? I am available to help with this effort and welcome constructive feedback on how I can better move forward productively as well.

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Links of the Week

Daniel A. Jones, January 15, 2012

Where Is Our Freedom?

Help Everyman with Freedom

Help Everyman with Freedom

Why do people want to limit freedom? Okay, there are some things that shouldn’t be tolerated. Moses and others found that to be true, and so we must all look into the possibilities of behavior and decide what we should be free to do and what should be reasonably limited. A better question might be: Why do people want to limit freedom unreasonably?

Why do people want to abuse freedom? This question again harkens back to Moses and others finding some behaviors unreasonable, but others are just not mentioned. People will often abuse their freedom to harm others and/or themselves. Why would they choose to do so? Is it too difficult to behave reasonably? I don’t think it normally is, but then we don’t always feel normal. We will quite often choose to eat the third or fourth doughnut or drink the third drink or do something in excess or abusive.

We do need each other to be more reasonable. We need to listen, look in the mirror and ask how we are treating others in all things we do. Then, I dare say we might not be so quick to try to restrict someone’s freedom unreasonably, and we might be less inclined to abuse our own freedom.

So, what am I trying to do with my freedom, and hoping others won’t unreasonably restrict it? Here’s what I am working on today:

I am trying to start a real estate investment fund that invests real estate using sustainable green management including preference selling to local sustainable green farmers;
I am trying to start a Welsh Internet media website to promote excellent production of Welsh-based programming;
I would like to find a clay art mentor;
I am working on a new production this weekend – shooting today of a film short trying to encourage people to get out and vote and participate in the democratic processes they have available to them;
I am writing for sure.

Let me know what you are doing or if you would like to help me.

Daniel A. Jones, November 6, 2011